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Work in progress

We’re still working hard on things here at Johnny Rook Games, despite a few setbacks in our schedules. The trouble with running a company part-time is finding time to work on all the things we want to!

At any rate, we’re still putting together our BIG project, but we have two or three smaller products that we hope will be published later this year.

Until then, if you haven’t bought anything from us (or haven’t bought EVERYTHING from us) then visit our storefront and use this Lulu coupon:

While we’ve been relatively quiet here at JRG, we’ve been incredibly busy during that time!  Our offices have moved to a new location and we’re still at work with many products.

If people haven’t noticed, Wizards of the Coast has recently released reprints of the three original AD&D 1st Edition “core” books, the DM Guide, Player’s Handbook, and Monster Manual.  Also, there are reports of Unearthed Arcana being reprinted in the near future (pre-order sales are being accepted at Amazon).  We’re not sure what this means for us here at JRG because WotC has the rights to relinquish Open Game Licensing on past products at any time.  Those of us printing 1st Edition compatible materials have to hold our breaths and keep on with what we’re doing, in the hopes that our participation in traditional gaming can continue the way we are going.

Still, we’re working on an entirely new game right now, with no reliance on older products OR the OGL, so we have high hopes that this will be a new avenue to continue our contribution to the role-playing community in some form.  Keep an eye out for our future endeavors, as we will have more information soon to come.

In other news, we have a great review of our product Watchtower on the Hill at  Check it out here.  We’ve also come out with a REVISED edition of Beneath the Ghoul Lair.

Check it out, and please use this coupon!  Enjoy!

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